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Dale started snowmobiling in the late 60's and graduated to the race circuit in 1971. Dennis, being the youngest of three brothers, started a few years later. During a 30 year span of racing, we have seen the snowmobile go through some major evolutionary changes. During this time we raced with all four of the manufacturers under their factory race supported programs, winning hundreds of races, and spending many late nights looking for that last bit of performance. Racing ovals, cross country, and snocross we learned through the school of hard knocks what works and what doesn't when trying to build a high performance sled. As the number of requests grew from others looking to get more from their sleds, we decided to take the big step and go into the business full time.

Reliability, quick backshift, and hard acceleration were what we demanded in racing and these are the same things needed by high performance trail riders. As new technology advances we are able to offer you the best performance value for the money. We don't offer new items that are a fad or "hot" at the time. We personally use and test all products we sell to be sure they meet our standards. Sometimes the gain received is not worth the dollar invested. Spending $500 to save 2 pounds may make sense to a mod drag racer but is not a wise investment for the average rider. We strive to find products and services that give reasonable gains for the dollar spent. Performance Value!

Snowmobiling is in our blood and we want this great sport to thrive in the years to come. Please, take some personal action, join a club and a state organization to stop those who would restrict our rights and personal freedom. Visit our web site often and if you have any ideas or suggestions, email them to us. We are constantly looking for new products or ways to improve our business, and the best ones usually come from within the sport. Thanks for your business and enjoy our favorite pastime.

Dale and Dennis Fett

If you’re looking for performance products that make sense, you’ve come to the right place. Fett Brothers has been selling performance products for many years, and we test or try every product we sell. If it doesn’t work for us, we don’t sell it. How many performance shops can say that?

Fett Brothers also races using a multitude of our own products, and we win! We have confidence in what we sell, so you can have confidence in buying and using it. We’ve helped hundreds of others win races or beat their buddies with the performance products we offer. Let us help you win, too.

11684 Woods Drive
Frazee, MN 56544-9120
218-334-FETT (3388)
fax: 218-334-3723